Updated: 4.00 pm - 16/08/2022
Phillip Island Seal Cruise

Departs Cowes Jetty Daily 2pm
Next available cruise:
Wednesday 17th August
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Departs San Remo Jetty 10.45 am
Next available cruise:
Wednesday 17th August
Bookings Essential

Wilsons Prom Whale Cruise

Departs Port Welshpool Jetty 10am
Next cruise:
Monday 22nd August
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Daily Update

Eco Tourism

Wildlife Coast Cruises is proud to state that we are Advanced Eco Accredited, the highest level of accreditation attainable from Ecotourism Australia.

Wildlife Coast Cruises has been an Advanced Eco Certified business since 2008. All of our tours have minimal impact on the environment and promote the unique area we visit.

Eco Tourism Definition

“Australia’s leading and most innovative ecotourism products, providing an opportunity to learn about the environment with an operator who is committed to achieving best practice when using resources wisely, contributing to the conservation of the environment and helping local communities.”

Climate Change – What is it?

Climate Change vs. Global Warming

Climate Change

Changes in weather events and other phenomena on a global scale. This is caused by increased greenhouse gases (such as Carbon Dioxide and Methane) in the Earth’s atmosphere acting like a blanket and having a warming effect on Earth.

Global Warming

Long term warming of Earth since the Industrial Evolution (late 1800’s). Since 1880 average temperatures have increased by 1°C.

Why should we care?

Climate Change (along with other factors such as habitat loss) is responsible for acceleration of extinction rate of species. In fact, current rates of extinction are about 1000 times the rate of background extinction and scientists widely accept that we are in the midst of a 6th mass extinction event. This can also have follow on effects such as where species range shifts, disruption of food chains, sea level rise as the polar ice caps melt, and increased frequency of extreme weather events such as bushfires, droughts, floods and storms.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Council has recommended that we limit temperature increase to just 1.5°C to minimise the effects of Climate Change and have a better future for us all.

Wildlife Coast Cruises actions to tackling climate change

  • Eliminating plastic water bottles on our cruises.
  • Joining the straw no more campaign and not stocking plastic straws.
  • Picking up any marine debris and litter we come across.
  • Our vessels are serviced regularly to maintain optimum fuel efficiency.
  • Understanding population dynamics of whales via the Two Bays Whale Project and promoting Seal Spotter.
  • Installing battery inverted power systems on both the Brianna Lee and Kasey Lee, saving thousands of liters of fuel a year.

Encouraging our guests to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make eco-friendly choices.

  • Reduce waste by bringing your own KeepCup and Water Bottle on our cruises for refills.
  • Refuse single-use plastics like straws and plastic bags.
  • Pick up litter, especially items on the jetties and beaches. Take 3 for the Sea!
  • Walk or take public transport where possible, leave the car at home.
  • Choose local products over imported products. This reduces the amount of carbon produced through transporting your goods.
  • Fish wisely, stick to size & bag limits, and don’t leave your tackle behind. Use the sustainable seafood guide.
  • Always stay at a safe distance away from seals, dolphins and whales, and never touch or feed them, even if they approach you- adhere to the marine mammal regulations!