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Phillip Island Seal Cruise

Departs Cowes Jetty 2:00 pm
24th June

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Departs San Remo Jetty 10:45 am
24th June

Whale Tail Winter Whale Cruise

Departs Rhyll Jetty at 9.00am
24th June

Dolphin & Whale Cruise

Departs San Remo Jetty at 12.45 pm
24th June

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Daily Update

May Newsletter 2018

May 1, 2018

Wildlife Update

Seal pups are weaning off from their mother’s milk and learning to fish for themselves. Foraging areas vary greatly between juveniles, cows and bulls, with some bulls going as far as the edge of the continental shelf in search of their prey. Cows and juveniles tend to forage closer to their colony, regularly seen travelling individually or small pods near the Phillip Island coast. Some can even be seen to swim along with dolphins and whales!

Common dolphin – Population size of the Short-beaked
Common Dolphin sightings increase during the winter months as more food seems to be available closer to shore. Large pods of up to 40-50 dolphins forage for fish and squid within 500m of Phillip Island’s southern and eastern coastlines, displaying fantastic acrobatic leaps and dives.

Winter is the time when Humpback Whales migrate from Antarctica along the Victorian coastline northwards to warmer waters off Queensland for calving. Humpback whales can be seen along the Phillip Island coast from June to August. Pods of 2-10 of adult and sub-adult whales can be seen travelling within 100m -1000m off the coastline, often displaying fascinating surface activity including tail-slapping, pec-slapping, spy-hopping and breaching. Curiously the whales can sometimes be seen together with small pods of Common Dolphins and Australian Fur Seals.

Winter Whale Watching Cruise

Departs Rhyll

Every year the great Southern whales migrate North from Antarctica along our coastline to breed and give birth in the warmer waters. We are lucky to have them travel right past us on their journey!

Last season was our best ever, with over 400 whales sighted from May – November.

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Purchase your adult or child whale cruise this MAY use the code “EBWHALES18“ and receive 20% off! Our Whale Cruises are running from June-August with plenty of dates to choose from. More Info

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Cape Woolamai Cruise

Departs San Remo

Winter at Phillip Island is not only Whale season, but dolphin season too! Did you know that Common dolphins visit our waters in big numbers during the winter? We see them on our Whale Watching Cruises and very regularly off Cape Woolamai. Common dolphins are lots of fun, and love racing alongside the boat.

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Seal Watching Cruise

Departs Cowes

Come aboard this spectacular two-hour coastal wildlife cruise, and experience an up-close encounter with thousands of seals at Australia’s largest fur seal colony! The boat drifts within meters of the seals, enabling you to witness them in their natural environment first hand.

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Red Hill Market Cruise

Departs Cowes

Jump on board the Kasey Lee and we will take you to one of Victoria’s best markets, where you will find a wide variety of high-quality stalls including home grown produce, secret family recipes, plants galore, and a huge array of handicrafts.Departure from Cowes Jetty at Sam return at 1 pm.

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