Phillip Island 2018 Whale Season Recap

August 15, 2018

In comparison to this time last year we have seen approx. 15% increase in the number of verified whales, 324 whales compared to 283 this year! This has been from 182 verified sightings both from the land and from the boat. Majority of whales were spotted from our Boats; the Kasey Lee, Brianna Lee and the Sea Sprinter!

This is in keeping with the increases seen throughout the Eastern Australian Humpback population census done by ORRCA which estimates the population may be around 30,000 whales strong! Our increases are probably higher than general population increase because compared to last year there were a lot more eyes around the island looking for the whales and we spent more time out on the water with the addition of the Brianna Lee to our fleet!

A few photos this year’s photo comp- Jacqueline Chan & Anna Carsons

The majority of whales we saw were Humpback Whales with Nearly 340 individuals recorded. We also saw 15 endangered Southern Right Whales and 12 Killer Whales!


We would love to thank everyone who contributed to sightings whether from the land, a boat or a helicopter. In particular, we would like to thank the Dolphin Research Institute, Phillip Island Helicopters, Phillip Island Whale Watchers and of course those of you who got out there on the boats and spotted some whales for us!

All of our sightings from the boat are contributed Two Bays Whale Project. If you did want to contribute a sighting please follow the info provided on the Dolphin Research Institute website.

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After the Humpbacks travel north to give birth, nurse, mate and socialise. They’ll soon make their return journey heading back to Antarctica, moving past Wilsons Promontory where we find them from September to November.

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