Updated: 4:15pm - 03/07/2022
Phillip Island Seal Cruise

Departs Cowes Jetty Daily 2pm
Next available cruise:
Wednesday 6th June
Bookings Essential

wildlife coast cruises, cape woolamai, phillip island Cape Cruise

Departs San Remo Jetty 10.45 am
Next available cruise:
Wednesday 6th June
Bookings Essential

Whale Tail Winter Whale Cruise

Departs Rhyll Jetty Daily 9 am
Next available cruise:
Tuesday 12th July
Bookings Essential

Dolphin & Whale Cruise

Departs San Remo Jetty Daily 1 pm
Next cruise:
Tuesday 12th July

Bookings Essential

Wilsons Prom Whale Cruise

Departs Port Welshpool Jetty 10 am
Next cruise:
Tuesday 5th July
Bookings Essential

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Daily Update


We are dedicated to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner and protecting the marine environment. We want all guests and staff members to enjoy their time with us and leave feeling like they made a difference.

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and we make sure we operate in a way that has minimal impact on the environment and wildlife.

There are several ways that we are currently working to achieve this, with constant review and new ideas encouraged.

Industry standards

As part of our environmental mission, our tours are all accredited with an advanced eco-certified showing our commitment to achieving best practice, using resources wisely, contributing to conserving the environment and helping local communities.

Renewable energy
Our vessels the “Kasey Lee” and “Brianna Lee” inverter systems have been converted to electrical. This ensures the power we produce on board is much more economical instead of using more fuel and oil through generators.

The addition of solar panels on these vessels also provides a renewable source of energy, keeping our batteries topped up and reducing any usage of mains power.

Cutting Out Waste

A big focus of ours is cutting out single-use items and minimising waste.

Onboard we have transitioned to compostable single-use items for things such as coffee cups, food boxes and cutlery, stopping them from entering landfills and allowing them to biodegrade quickly, this also includes removal of all single-use straws. All food scraps from meal preparation and leftovers are also disposed of into a green waste system.

We also encourage our customers to bring their own drink bottles and offer keep cups and reusable drink bottles for sale onboard. Our reusable keep cups are made of 50/50 natural risk husk fibre and BPA-free polypropylene.

Our beverage selection is now made up of entirely recyclable materials (Glass & cans) allowing us to recycle the majority of waste created by these on every cruise.

Tickets have are fully digital, and passengers only need to relay their name and order number on a digital manifest, this eliminates the waste from printed tickets of the past.

Keeping it Local

We have managed to implement these changes whilst supporting other local businesses, with partners such as Conscious cups and Vindico Packaging – for sugar cane trays and bamboo cutlery.

In addition, we use local catering on our cruises where possible including the Port Welshpool Café & Supermarket

And what we can’t source locally, we have obtained from other Australian companies that align with our values such as Calm and Stormy and Hidden Sea Wines.

Looking after the Ocean

As well minimising our waste on board we also endeavour to help the environment and marine life in other ways,

Such as reducing our impact on native habitats and marine mammals by following our strict marine mammal permits and reporting any other vessels that are seen to be infringing regulations, also reporting any entangled or injured marine life to the appropriate authorities.

In addition to this, we are actively looking out for marine debris on our tours and taking the time to pick it up and dispose of it. Marine debris such as discarded netting, fishing supplies or other everyday items can have a huge impact on marine life for entanglement or constricting airways. So every bit we can remove from the ocean helps.

Another way we look to protect our marine eco systems is through education. Our knowledgeable captain and crew provide commentary and insight to passengers onboard and this is always an important factor that is reinforced when training new crew. You can also find out more about our conservation efforts and If you have any suggestions or would like to be involved with any of our environmental initiates please contact us below