Wildlife Coast Cruises is dedicated to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner and to protect the marine environment. Here are some examples of what we do to help ensure the sustainability of our unique and diverse marine environment and wildlife:

  • Being an accredited advanced eco-tourism company
  • Following strict operational regulations as stated in our Marine Mammal Permit
  • Implementing an environmental management plan throughout the business
  • Using biodegradable sugarcane takeaway cups on all our cruises
  • Reporting on wildlife entanglements to the Phillip Island Nature Park rangers
  • Reporting on infringements when boats and/or people interfere with marine wildlife
  • Employing resident marine biologists to monitor seal behaviour, whale sightings, to assist in wildlife rescues and to work together with local conservation and research groups
  • Work in partnership with the local Dolphin Research Institute to raise awareness on marine conservation issues
  • Established the annual Island Whale Festival, in partnership with Destination Phillip Island, Dolphin Research Institute and Phillip Island Nature Parks
  • Educating passengers on what they can do to help our marine friends!

How you can help us to protect our marine wildlife:

  • Reduce waste by bringing your own KeepCup and Water Bottle on our cruises for refills
  • Pick up litter, especially items on the jetties and beaches
  • Fish wisely, stick to size & bag limits, and don’t leave your tackle behind
  • Always stay at a safe distance away from seals, dolphins and whales, and never touch or feed them, even if they approach you

Call Wildlife Victoria 13000 94535 if you see any injured native animals

Report Whale and dolphin sightings